Session: May 3, 2008

  • Party meets at wharf to rebuild/outfit Oliver's ship, the mysteriously resurfaced Bloody Violet, once belonging to Oliver's now dead father, Captain William Grave.
  • At the docks, encounter one Captain Hardaga of the Slaver.  Hardaga is a pirate and a member of the League of Flags.
  • Also meet Heather Black, a pirate being publicly abused and thrown out by Hardaga.  {Oliver steps in to aid her}
  • Aboard the Bloody Violet, we are met by the apparition of Captain William Grave.  He wants us to hunt down and kill all of the captains of the League of Flags.  In exchange, he will help us get the Jewel of Uran-Duhn from the {king of some underwater race?}.  We reluctantly agree.
  • Journey…We set sail for Sho-shu so that some of the party can train with the samurai.
    • Crew/Passengers include: Zarkavon, Narok, Ro, Oliver, Heather Black, Letia {what about Valens?}
    • Along the way, we encounter a monk rowing in the middle of the ocean.
  • Arrive in Sho-Shu
  • Spent some time training
    • Akindus, the gold dragon, helps Zarkavon unlock the use of 3rd and 4th level spells from the Book of Daemiluz
    • Zarkavon spends some time studying in the Sho-shu libraries.
    • All of the party trained with a female samurai, Po, and all but Zarkavon succeeded in snatching a lock of her hair {gaining significant permanent ability boosts}; {Zarkavon's attempt amounted to trying but failing to possess her via Magic Jar}
  • While in Sho-shu, other samurai masters from other islands convene/descend upon our samurai ally, Emperor Yoshiro, to threaten him with "consequences" if he continues to endanger the lands by associating with "gaijin".  The reality is that without the common threat of the Blue Dragon, the various Sho-shu nations are seeking dominion over one another.
  • Zarkavon almost sends disease with them on their boats, but is dissuaded by the gold dragon, Akindus.  At this point, Akindus demands that the party leave Sho-shu, but takes them where he feels we must go: into the mountains, to the Elan Cult of the Wise.
  • [flight to mountains]
  • In the mountains, one of the Elan, an old wizened sage, answers our questions:
    • The Red Ruby of Urah-Duhn is in the possession of King Harakinus, who rules the abyssal depths of the ocean.
  • The Elan sages also tell us how to destroy the Swords of Hacathra and where to find the Church of Hacathra.
  • Included among their membership is, surprisingly, The Summoner – the one who pitted us against many trials when we went to the tomb of the Great Kalif to retrieve the Book that would allows us to defeat the Geomancers.
  • The Elan know that we carry someone special.  Narok removes the remains of Mercia from his bag of holding.  The Elan perform an intricate ritual and restore Mercia to life.  Another shock: Mercia takes his place among them—we now know why Mercia is so long lived to have been alive during the Hath wars: he's an Elan!
  • At night, we are attacked by a Red Hand ninja (the Red Hands are closely associated with the Green Snake clan).  The ninja kills the wizened sage before we learn everything we need to know {what info did we miss, exactly?}.
  • On the ninja's body were:
    • a message indicating that the Red Hand had been hired by, the now infamous, "V"
    • magic lamp [?], magic staff [?], and Boots of Silence
  • Ro's memories are further unlocked when we visit an egg-shaped mountainous cavern, where the Elans are created ("The Egg"?).  He discovers that he is actually "Angorad", one of the Heroes of the Hath Wars.
  • A portal opens up in the Egg, out of which came a towering death-knight-like figure, Balor! ... and a zombified Fox!  Fox's lips are sewn shut and she is animated and controlled by Balor.  The Fox-zombie attacks!



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