Session: Jan. 11, 2008

  • Narok & Leonals depart to hold off the Geomancers
  • Zarkavon, Ro, Oliver, Hayate, princess, Letia, and Phena remain.
  • Zarkavon, Ro, Hayate, princess: teleport to port town of Huzuz
  • Zarkavon deciphers the book (Book of Nature?)
  • [next day]
  • Zarkavon teleports back and grabs Oliver and Letia, teleporting back to Huzuz; Phena does not come, and both the digester zombie and the T-Rex skeleton get left behind in the Lost City.
  • {Zarkavon spends one day studying the Book of Daemiluz}
  • Thezal attacks and has Sindara's oyster; he pins Zarkavon and frees Garog from the Ring.  Garog frees Sindara from the oyster, ... big battle with party… Garog kills Sindara during the fight.  Garog and Thezal disappear.
  • Zarkavon teleports the party to the place in the desert with Garog's wife, the desert Queen.
  • Ro psionically knocks Thezal unconscious before Garog can kill himself.
  • Zarkavon, using the Book of Reflection, enslaves Thezal to Garog's lamp, freeing Garog.
  • Garog crushes the lamp.
  • Garog's wife, whose life essence was cursed to be linked to Thezal, dies.  Garog laments: "Some people just don't get what they wish for."
  • Zarkavon offers to bring her back for a price: Godwyn's mirror (to travel through space-time) and a new (fully charged) Ring of Three Wishes.  Garog says that he will consider it and walks off with his wife in his arms into the sunset.
  • The queen's palace was a mirage, and is no longer: just surface ruins.
  • Zarkavon uses teleportation to return and retrieve the NPCs
  • Night comes to the ruins and so does a thunderstorm.
  • Zarkavon's star chart, in the Book of Dragon, shows one of the stars moving in the Horns of the Five constellation.
  • Zarkavon nervously casts a thick fog around them.
  • Centaurs show up and flee with us.
    • Ro uses staff (from the Mummy crypt) to turn the desert into quicksand.
    • Ro summons Jariah
    • Zarkavon summons the elven Falcon Riders
    • All in party use their Oil of Invulnerability
    • Oliver enters dragon's mouth
    • .. continued next session…




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