Session: April, 2008

  • After defeating the Blue Dragon, the Geomancers, and Fenuku, the heroes are celebrated in the City of Zakhara.  Attending are those such as the Naghi tribe, the Al'Badia tribe, Princess Keesha, Braltus (lord of the Leonals), and Jeriah the jungle giant.
  • Braltus marks each of us with CEREMONIAL CLAW MARKS.  These marks, among the animal kingdom, inspires respect and grants a mild rapport with nature (similar to a ranger's empathy)
  • Each party member is given: a DRUIDIC AMULET. Will allow us to have an audiance with the Forest Spirit.
  • Heroes are celebrated as the "HEROES OF ZAKHARA"
  • The panther-riding warrior of the Naghi, Kalia, joins us.
  • We are reunited with the baby griffin that we released weeks ago, now all grown up.  [I can't remember exactly how/where we got the griffin?  I believe we released it in Caterosto, just after killing the Archer, correct?]
  • {Zarkavon, with the help from the Al'Badia, obtains several scrolls to cast the following Permanent spells upon himself: Arcane Sight and Tongues; also obtains a Greater Arcane Sight scroll}
  • Meet Alfahda Fedun, the leader (grand-chief?) of ALL Al'Badia tribres.
  • Zarkavon manages to dispel Narok's Nacith-Curse but the strain of if kills Narok, who vomits out all of the poison that has been long-infesting his body.  Zarkavon uses his new knowledge to bring Narok back from the dead, but then Zarkavon has an encounter with Death himself who warns Zarkavon to stop "interfering". 
  • The Nacith-Curse has been lifted (or at least, it is no longer in danger of killing Narok), but the strange spider-like abilities that manifested in Narok and Zarkavon (and also the missing Fox) still remain.
  • Zarkavon has an addiction relapse and gets high on "Vodare".  Narok also gets stoned on his own thing.  Valens shows up, berating them.
  • ......
  • Raid Kadrax's underwaer lair… fight (troglodytes?) and (carrion crawlers?)....
  • ...
  • In the lair proper, party is confronted by Garog who is answering to a new master of his lamp: a living Daemiluz!  Only Daemiluz' image is present.  Garog was tricked by Daemiluz who was disguised as Zarkavon promissing to bring back his wife, whose body is also present in the lair.
  • Before Daemiluz can make a wish, Zarkavon manages to teleport the party the extreme distance to Daemiluz' true location just for a second before being yanked back violently: just enough time for the party to grab Garog's lamp and some random other stuff from Daemiluz' "lab".  {Included in these items was a Letter From V to Daemiluz }
  • Narok uses the lamp to wish Garog free forever.
  • In exchange for Zarkavon's promise to raise his wife, Garog gives us each a fully charged Ring of Three Wishes and agrees to help Zarkavon retrieve Godwyn's mirror.
  • Zarkavon uses a "Cheat" spell and a Wish that the Cheat is wholly undetectable.  Zarkavon then resurrects Garog's wife (the desert queen).
  • Immediately, Death confronts the party.  Zarkavon challenges Death to a game of bone toss, counting on his "Cheat" to help him win, but it takes all of the wishes in all of the Rings of Wishes to beat Death.  Death spares the party and grants Zarkavon a copy of his Scythe, but warns him not to test his patience further.
  • Retrieved much treasure from the Blue Dragon's lair {which we plan to use to enhance the Bloody Violet}.
  • {Zarkavon also retrieved a peculiar scroll from the treasure hoard: the writing describes in detail how to reverse or invert any magical item and its property; Zarkavon still has to figure it all out}
  • .... journey back to Zakhara (teleport?)...
  • Party spends the night in Zakhara where they are rejoined by Oliver and Princess Keesha.
  • ... back to desert …(teleport?) .. in order to carve up the Blue Dragon's corpse.
  • Waiting where the dragon's corpse was are two drow figures (male & female).  There is a civil war among the drow and it is the party's actions that are responsible.  They've come to kill us, particularly they want to kill (or capture for leverage?) Narok.
  • The dragon's corpose is now an undead creature animated by the drow priestess.
  • The party wins the fight and the destroyed undead dragon scratches out, with its skeletal hand "CHROMIUS", which triggers the image of the metal sheen that Zarkavon experienced when he ate the brain of the Black Dragon.
  • Party spends next two weeks busying themselves in Zakhara; {Zarkavon studies new spells, makes some items}



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