Session: Nov. 24, 2007

Journey to Caterosto(?) [Continued]

  • Journey…
  • Arrive in a coastal city…
  • Oliver and Narko depart from the coast to sell the treasure we carried out of the Mummy crypt.
  • While the rest are in the town, Garog shows up seeking the death of Sindara, the personal genie carried by the Zakharan princess who fled the geomancers with us, and now the last genie alive besides Garog and Thezal.
  • To try to protect Sindara, we put her into the Oyster given to us by the desert Queen.
  • Zarkavon uses his last Wish in his Ring of Three Wishes to imprison Garog in the Ring.
  • During the fight, we lose the Oyster with Sindara in the waters of the sea (amongst all the oysters that the locals harvest).
  • {Zarkavon makes a sketch of the well-studied beach.}
  • Journey…
  • Made it to the swamp of Caterosto: Zarkavon, Ro, Fox, Hayate, the princess
  • fight with "digesters"; zarkavon animates two of them
  • attacked by the Archer bounty hunter, but manage to kill him
  • Zarkavon eats part of his brain, using Absorb Mind.
  • Between that and the use of the Archer's crystal communicator, find out who the Hunter member of the clan is: the girl we saved from the Yakaria and who is with Narok and Oliver
  • Through the communicator, we show the Hunter the head of the dead Archer, threatening her with "You're next!".

Black Libraries

  • Found the Black Libraries; research yielded the following knowledge:
    • The Swords of Hacathra must be brought to First Church of Hacathra to be destroyed; church location known only to the Elan Cult of the Wise
    • Horns of the Five => constellation (location of five dragons)
    • Zarkavon obtains the "Book of Dragon": contains locations, names, associations, sotires, and powers of all five dragons (star map in book changes if the dragons move)
    • The Red Room of Llyr: contains the "defence" vs Hacathra; also is home to The Red Dragon.  A key unlocks the door: the jewel of Uran-dun (the jewel missing from the Dagger of Uran-dun) must be placed into the "keyhole" and if is breathed upon by dragon fire, the location of the ore is revealed.  The Ore must be used to forge the Counter-weapons to Hacathra.
    • The Red Room is located deep deep beneath Llyr: in Underdark-like caverns and which connect to the rest of the Underdark and also to the Llyr dungeons.
    • Something to do with the ore?: need to talk to Ashara in order to contact the forest spirit, "The Father of the Forest"
    • Geomancers were once human; book to remove geomancer power is missing: last looked at by the Kalif's great-grandfather, centuries ago. 
    • Map and Location of The Great-Kalif's tomb
    • The tomb is guarded by the Leonal: humanoid lions who stood up against the gemonacers centuries ago.
  • Zarkavon acquires a painting of the twon that Narok and Oliver are headed to.
  • Found Daemiluz' name written in one of the library's logs.  The date was after his presumed death, when Zarkavon killed him.  He was in the Black Libraries researching Llyr.
  • One of the women frequenting the Libraries, Hellera, told Zarkavon that Daemiluz has a twin brother, "Draeth".
  • Many in the Libraries are treating Zarkavon with undue respect and then he discovers the name "Novakraz" written on the tombstone that acts as one of the entrances to the libraries.  Zarkavon is somehow the founder of the Libraries (time travel? .. perhaps using Godwyn's mirror?).



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