Session: Nov. 23, 2007

  • Kalif's vizier, Yunago, gives us keys to the sewers to escape (with the princess?) while the city is being destroyed.
  • Party betrayed by Yunago, but kill him and four elementals.  Lost Yoshiro and Rin.
  • Fled on Hasten's dragon, pursued by the fire geomancer.  We used the Vial of Triton to keep him from pursuing us.
  • Fight with the Shadow bounty hunter… Hasten and her (soul-linked) dragon are killed by him.
  • Narok defeated the Shadow bounty hunter, but now SHADOW itself is angry.
  • Party crashes into the desert.

Journey to Caterosto(?)

  • [time passes]; destination: the Black Libraries, to figure out how to defeat the geomancers (and more).  In particular, we need the location of the tomb of the Great Kalif
  • Come across a crypt; fight mummies; saved a gypsy girl, who introduces us to her nomad tribe, the Al'Badia.
  • Tribe gives Zarkavon a book (the Book of Reflection)
  • Journey some more.
  • Met Garog and Thezal who fought over Garog's wife; we fled
  • Met a desert (almost vampire-like) Queen who reprovisioned us an gave us an oyster shell that can act as a genie receptacle/prison.
  • More journey…
  • Fought and destroyed most of a Yakman tribe (the Yakaria) [a la Cloud Kill].  Saved a girl from being killed {much later, we discover this to be the huntress}



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