Session: December, 2007

  • Zarkavon & Ro teleport to port city (Mahabba) and help subdue the Huntress (Letia)
  • Huntress begs to be spared and offers to thelp the party instead.
  • Zarkavon curses the Huntress to be unable to betray the party {50% chance each round that she is unable to act while trying to do so}
  • {In Mahabba, Zarkavon acquires magical scrolls and a magical earring that detects scrying}
  • Teleport back to Black Librarires
  • Narok has a nightmare about Nacith.  Upon waking, Fox is missing.  Valens goes off to look for her.
  • [Next day]
  • Encounter a jungle tribe, the Nagi.  Save them from a rampaging T-Rex (thank you, Ro).
  • The party is able to understand the tribe thanks to Zarkavon's "Comprehend Languages" and communicate with them thanks to resident archaeologist, Phena.
  • Zarkavon animates the T-Rex as a skeleton.
  • Party is shown the location of the Great Kalif's tomb: the Lost City of Dahlgahar
  • Before reaching the city, first had to complete the trials of Jariah, the jungle giant.  Jariah agrees to come to our aid "when called".
  • City guarded by medusae (medusae spawn?); defeated them, upon which statues in the area returned to flesh: the keepers of the tomb, the Leonals
  • In the tomb, with the help of Jariah, complete the challenges of "The Summoner"
  • Retrieve the Book that reveals the secrets of nature and how to dispel the Geomancers



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