Jumble of Sessions

  • Drassus (black dragon)
  • Emperor Yoshiro
  • Akindus (gold dragon)
  • Hayate: one of Yoshiro's beautiful daughters
  • Find, somewhat-wrecked, at a port in Scho-shu: the abandoned Bloody Violet
  • Inoto's warriors are about to attack Yoshiro's stronghold
  • Party helps Yoshiro be victorious over his enemy
  • Party travels for several days
  • Arrive at an island with the dragon's (Drassus') armies of orcs and minotaurs
  • Battle with Drassus.
  • .....(I think this is where we all, but Zarkavon, died before Zarkavon did his first "mass resurrection" by reading the tattoo on the back of his skull)
  • During the fight, Hasten's dragon (the deep dragon) is killed and it, along with Hasten and the two zombie minotaurs Zarkavon had animated all fall to their doom.
  • .......
  • ... (At the end of this fight, did we all die again for the second time?  I know that this is where we were tortured in Hell)




  •  After being released from Hell, all fall unconscious and all wake up a week later, still on the Island of Sho-Shu (beside Zakhara in the Ruined Kingdoms)
  • Yoshiro and his clerics heal the party.
  • {Zarkavon acquires a large variety of black onyx gems from Yoshiro, storing them in his bag of holding.  Intended to be used for Animate Dead.  Also, for other spells: 12×100gp pearls, and 12×10gp small eye agates}
  • A week is spent training in Yoshiro's castle.  Most of the party trains martially, while Zarkavon takes advantage of the Sho-Shu library and engages is a few other activities…
  • Zarkavon and a contingent of Yoshiro's men head out to the site of Drassu's corpse and take from the body (all preserved and most is magically turned into small cloth, made permanent by Akindus, the gold dragon):
    • both eyes; 6 teeth; heart; 2 talons; chunk of liver;
    • 5 oz of bloody brain;
    • 4 vials of blood;
    • 4 shanks of meat (cooked into Jerky) {Drassus had Str 29}; 
    • enough scales for one armour/shield
    • skin for the drum !
  • Valens is found
  • Zarkavon eats some of Drassus' brain, using Absorb Mind and learns:
    • Drassus is the Pit Fiend's pet
    • glimpse of a very shiny almost silvery metallic surface invokes a feeling of great discomfort
    • Balor is Pit Fiend's master
    • Drassus' hoard is in an underwater cave in the swamp
    • Pit Field wants "assimilation" from the black dragon


  • On Oliver's pirate ship, party gets ready to go: Zarkavon, Narok, Ro, Oliver, Fox, Hasten, Valens (in a coffin), Usamu (Yoshiro's champion that rides a white tiger), Yoshiro and two of Yoshiro's three daughters: Rin (samurai) and Hayate (sword dancer)
    • Yoshiro's third daughter, Kiyoshi (archer) is absent
  • All travellers but Usamu return to Zakhara
  • Narok notices that we (those that were in Hell) no longer cast shadows
  • Fenuku has the Kalif and his daughter hostaged.
  • The nameless clan member (as in the bounty hunter clan) is Shadow itself.
  • ... big fight…
  • Fled from Fenuku, the Shadow, and the four, now rampaging, Geomancers



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